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Sharon Graham is the new Unite General Secretary

Unite general secretary contest: Vote for Sharon Graham

For a fighting programme and the basis for a new open and democratic left in Unite

Today Unite members in the Socialist Party in England & Wales, Socialist Party Scotland and Militant Left in Ireland (up to 300 Unite members), met and agreed to support Sharon Graham for Unite General Secretary.

In a very well-attended Zoom meeting, comrades discussed the pros and cons of the four candiates for the role of leader of the Unite union.

Gerard Coyne is a right-wing candidate. Clearly a complete non-starter from a worker's point of view. What's the point of a right-winger leading a workers' union? Answers on a postcard...

Howard Beckett has left-wing credentials but disappointed when he dropped-out of the contest and endorsed a candidate to his right...

Steve Turner is described as a centrist who supports Labour under Keir Starmer. Yes, really.

What is it with union leaders that lean towards the right when workers are facing their gretest onslaught in decades?

So, we're left with Sharon Graham: a proper fighter for the working class. The centrists and right-wingers are now trying to force her to withdraw. 


Socialist Party statement

The Socialist Party is supporting Sharon Graham for Unite general secretary, the election for which opens on 5 July. Many of the most combative workers are increasingly being drawn towards her campaign as they look to resist the growing offensive of the bosses...

Read the full statement here



Timeline of Events

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    Wednesday 2 June 2021

  • Sharon Graham Launch Video

    Saturday 19 June 2021

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    Sunday 20 June 2021

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    Thursday 24 June 2021

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    Friday 25 June 2021

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    Wednesday 25 August 2021