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Youth Fight for Jobs is a youth organisation fighting for good jobs for all, and to make the super-rich billionaires pay for this new crisis.
Youth Fight for Jobs was initially formed in 2009 in response to the rise of youth unemplyment caused by the 2008/09 financial crash, winning the support of seven national trade unions and organising a Jarrow to London march for jobs.
Today, the need for a fight against youth unemployment and under-employment is huge.
We want young people to get involved with the campaign in your local area and help build local marches for jobs.
If you're a trade unionist, can you help get support for this campaign from your trade union branch, youth body, or any other forum?
Visit the Youth Fight for Jobs website to get involved with the campaign, and for resources such as model motions and letters.


Facebook: @yffjobs

Instagram: @yffjobs



Saturday 9 October 2021

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