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Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall

Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition


Newton Abbot North

Devon County Council

I have lived in Devon all my life, growing up locally I have seen the impact the last 10 years of austerity has had on the people Newton Abbot. Vital public services we all rely on have been devastated, by the Conservatives in Government nationally and locally.

During the pandemic Jane Haden – the TUSC Candidate standing in Newton Abbot South – and I, set up Newton Abbot Community Aid in response to Covid-19. This is a community organising group, helping those who needed to access prescriptions and food. This was desperately needed due to the lack of council run services. Working families should not have to worry about where their next meal comes from in the 5th richest country in the world. Luckily voluntary organisations are filling the gaps left behind by cuts to local councils, but it shouldn’t have to be this way!

“If elected, I will fight against further austerity and cuts to public services. Reject rises in council tax for working people. Fight to restore the funding cut from education, social care and local transport. A better standard of living is possible for all, it just needs people fighting for it in council chambers across the country".

Government funding cuts to Devon County Council is a political choice that has seen Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors carry out funding cuts to our vitally needed services. Labour even supported the Conservative’s planned 4.99% rise in Devon County Council Tax. This will hurt many families struggling with less income because of the Covid lockdown. 

As a TUSC candidate my priorities will include:

• Stopping and reversing council cuts and above inflation rises in council tax, rents & charges.

• Ending food poverty, free school meals for all children in and out of term time.

• Pushing for publicly owned, affordable public transport, working to protect the environment.

• Ending the housing crisis by building council homes and capping private rents.