Socialist Party

Jane Haden

Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition


Newton Abbot South

Devon County Council


Town Councillor for the residents of Bradley Ward

I’ve lived the majority of my life in Buckland, Newton Abbot. Having been made homeless due to policies implemented by a Conservative government, I moved into a council house in Buckland in the 1980’s. After bringing up a family in the same home for 25 years, we were forced to move because of the Tories’ bedroom tax. Through my own experience and those around me this means that I know just how important a safe and secure home is! I also know how unsettling for both children and parents short term rentals can be. I will fight for good quality Council Housing that provides long term, secure tenancies at a realistically affordable rent.

During the pandemic Ryan Hall – the TUSC Candidate standing in Newton Abbot North – and I, set up a community Mutual Aid Group in response to Covid-19, helping the community with prescription collections and access to food. This was desperately needed by many due to the lack of council run services available. This work to ensure everyone has access to essentials will continue. However, in one of the richest countries in the world no family should go hungry. It’s not necessary, nor is it something we should accept as just the way it is.

“I will fight tooth and nail against any further austerity and call for increased funding of our local services like social care, libraries, buses and housing. I will be a voice for so many who find they have no voice, and work hard for a better standard of living for us all”

Government funding cuts to Devon County Council is a political choice that has seen Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Labour councillors carry out funding cuts to our vitally needed services. Labour even supported the Conservative’s planned 4.99% rise in Devon County Council Tax. This will hurt many families struggling with less income because of the Covid lockdown. 

As a TUSC candidate my priorities will include:

• Stopping and reversing council cuts and above inflation rises in council tax, rents & charges.

• Ending the housing crisis by building affordable council homes and capping private rents.

• Pushing for publicly owned, affordable public transport, working to protect the environment.